9 Ways On How To Find Good Contents For Your Blog

By Benson Michael .Chidiebere → Thursday, 29 September 2016

Updating a blog is not that easy, or I’ll rather day that it’s practically not for lazy fellows who cannot spend time in making article but rather choose to plagiarize instead. Before, you will certainly need to impress your readers with trending article; you wouldn’t want them to see a particular article on new on your blog for three days. All am trying to say is that, you are expected to feed your blog regularly.

Most times, a blog topic idea is right under your nose. Finding blog content doesn’t have to be a tough job and shouldn’t cause any stress. If you start recognizing topic opportunities regularly, you’ll never run out of blog post ideas.

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Here on this content, we are going to teach your the various ways that you can search for and create unique content for your blog. Be sure to keep a notebook handy for the endless amount of topics that are going to start flowing out of your brain.


Many individuals don’t know about this yet. With Google, you can be updated on the latest and recent happenings. Staying connected with Google will make you stay connected to recent topic ideas. You can search for recent news, especially for the entertainment bloggers and other regular based bloggers too.


The comments on your blog posts can also lead to great content ideas. They can be full of suggestions, opinions, or different perspectives that might spark your creativity. Try taking something one of your readers has commented and expand on it in a new post.


I can remember that this in particular has really helped me. Your friends can bring up topic suggestions for you, and then all you will have to do is to write on it.


Who knows, you luck might come out. I know of so many bloggers who do this. They seriously do not joke with seminars because they know that some good topics will definitely come out of it.


Accepting posts from other people is another way that you can fill your site up with useful content. You can email bloggers individually to see if they might be interested in contributing to your blog, or set up a page that explains your guest posting requirements.

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Sounds stupid and funny, but I tell you, this is really part of the whole deal. You can use things happening around to make good and quality articles. Seeing new things every day, meetings new friends everyday could be a good writing topic.


Curating content is an excellent way to come up with a new post when in a hurry. It doesn’t take much time and all you need to do is collect images and/or links that you’ve found interesting. Sharing these in a way that complements your blog or your blog’s niche is all it takes. If you plan on doing regular curated content posts, start a private Pinterest board and save any interesting links there. You can also start a bookmark folder on your computer to save any articles or cool things that you come across. This makes it super easy to put a post together at a later time as the research portion is already done!


The same idea can be applied to reading comments on other people’s blogs. Scan the comments for any particular questions or insight that you might not have thought of before. If people are talking about something, chances are they want to know more about it!


Reddit is a great source for content. Browsing through their many subreddits (forum categories) will supply you with endless ideas, links to articles or stories, and headlines that you may not have considered before.

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