How To Get a Free Domain For Your Website Or Blog

By Benson Michael .Chidiebere → Friday, 23 September 2016

Developing a website or a blog as the case may be is really fun, but it’s obvious that a good number of bloggers and web designers majorly didn’t go for a recommendable domain name (.com, .net. ng, .us, .tv, .org, .tech, .co, .gov, etc) but rather choose to go for a sub-domain which is powered by the blog or webhost and some of the examples are given in the table below;


Now from the above table, you can be a stick with what solidly trying to say. Opening a website or a blog is quite different from buying a domain name. In the spate of opening a website or perhaps a blog, is very easy because there are so many free website and blog hosts too, which means that you don’t have to pay a dime before you can start-up a website or a blog. 

The issue of opening a free website or blog has to do with minimal dashboard features. This means that there are so many features in a paid hosted website or blog compared to the free website and blog too. But one thing you must know about this free website and blog hosting is that the host-site will only recommend a sub-domain for you just as we listed in the table above.


You know before when I was a newbie on this spate, we only recognise a domain name as a set of customised shorten web address but little did I know that this was just far from what a domain name really is. If I may ask, what is this domain name that I have been hearing about? This is a question the answer needs to be dropped in a scholastic way which means that it needs to be explained in an understandable manner. 

Now “What is a Domain Name?, So i’did rather say that a domain name is a website on the internet which ends with the-same group of letters for example, .com, .org, .net, .co, .ng etc. I hope you wouldn’t be shocked when you see something like or only newbie’s would do so which i believe that you won’t be called a newbie again after reading this very tutorial.


This is also a different thing on its own.  Even as a starter, you wouldn’t and can’t do any magic to know this, but you can only do that by purchasing some other related PDF articles but here, we are going to teach you the major thing you need to know about this very sub-domain thing. Now what is sub-domain?, without wasting much of your time, I will simply say that this is a smaller name of a website which is made up of domains of a larger hosts. Some examples of these domains are,, etc and there are some other websites that use sub-domain names such as,, and so on and so forth.

Now the major different between domain and sub-domain name is; In domain name, you have the credit of forgoing the hosts domains, while in the case of sub-domain names you have no option than to use the hosts provided domain.


Even when I started as a web-designer on wapka, I thought that this wouldn’t be possible but when I started adapting to the nature of it, I was able to discover a simple solution to all this, that was when I discovered that there are free domains link .tk, .ml, ga, .cf etc, now the only way i could access it was to use this very url format example for a .tk domain, i use to access the hosts official website. But as time furthered on, that is to say that in subsequent time, i was able to discover their overall host. I realised that is a domain host that hosts all kinds of free domains. Now follow the bellow steps to acquire a free domain for your blog/website;

  • Kindly go to
  • After that, type in the name you want to use
  •  Now when the page loads, you will see lists of available free domains.
  • After that process, select your own choice of domain.
  • After selecting it, you will have to forward it to your blog or website URL (example; if you want to get, you will have to forward it to your blog URL, like ).
  •   Now after that process, select the expiry date for this domain.
  • Now, click on submit
  •  After that process, enter your email. 
  •  After that, a verification link will be sent to your email. Note: you must verify it within 24hours or else, you will have to start all over again. 
  • After that, open your email and click on the verification link. 
  • When this process is done, fill the form like your name, number etc. 
  •  Now after this very process, your domain will be ready for use. That is to say that your domain which was previously, is now

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