Dangers Of Admiring A Wrong Lady For A Wife

By Benson Chidiebere → Wednesday, 29 November 2017

My Brother why do you always like admiring wrong ladies for a wife? A lady in distress, moving from crisis to crisis, always disturbed and worrisome will continue to be distresses after you marry her.

A lady who criticizes your decision and unwilling to submit will continue to nitpick; an uncontrollable lady can't be control even after wedding.

You can’t force yourself into loving an arrogant and none submissive wife but you can force yourself into regretting your marital choice for the rest of your life in that marriage.

If you want a nice lady for a wife, then look-out for a nice cheerful, knowledgeable, understandable, respectful and godly lady, pray for God’s approval and marry her. Treat her with love and respect and she will return the kindness.

If you want to marry and make it in life, and also make heaven, then the only person you should marry and never regret in life is God’s perfect will. God has assigned a person for you that fits your life, destiny, God’s program for you and that is what is called “the perfect will of God in marriage”

You may miss the right school, the right career for you or the right job, but please don’t miss the right perfect person God has assigned for you because if you miss it, you may miss everything including heaven.

However, trying to rescue a Lady in distress due to pity will only lead you to feel used and unappreciated. A strong marriage begins with a God's perfect willed woman and a God's willed man.

It flourishes as you both grow in love and respect toward each other. Please re-adjust your footstep and stop admiring beautiful faces that will get rotten and deteriorated in next few year, but rather focused on the inward godly treasures deposited in that lady because marital journey has no reverse gear.

Benson Chidiebere

I'm Benson Chidiebere is one of the top Nigerian bestselling author, speaker, mentor, preacher and enterprenuer. He has been reckoned to be one of the best up and doing young personnel whose main goal is youth.

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